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Monday, June 6, 2011

6 weeks Down

With 46 weeks left in this deployment it seems like forever until Joseph will be home safe and sound again. Some days are easier than others. Other days I can feel alone even in a crowded room. I miss everything he has to offer when he physically here. To hug me and hold me when I'm sad, to put me in my place when I am being unreasonable.
Don't get me wrong I love every minute I get to talk to him while he is away, sometimes it's more business than pleasure when we have 20 minutes to talk ans lots of things that need to be handled. I know it kills him just as much as me. Pray, pray and pray, that's what get's us through. Support from you all.
Sometimes I just need someone to say, Abby, this is what is going and and this is what we are doing, and yes you are coming! Lol, when I get in a rut, I just need someone to say ok lets go, otherwise, I will sit at home and be a debbie downer. So far Ive filled my schedule to keep me busy most every day. But a busy routine doesn't guarantee your mind wont find time to be sad.
Joseph is doing well. He doesn't like the job they gave him and small group of others at the last minute, but never the less, he is alive and well and that's all that matters. He has his own "room" and living "space" I put those in quotations because as he says its not a ROOM! lol. From what he has told me and what I understand, it's just plywood walls, (not sure if thats the right word), but otherwise, they are really thin "walls". The good thing is he has is own area for all his stuff, plenty of room to stalk up on things he needs. I sent him a t.v. and his xbox and all that fun stuff.
On not such a fun note, I have to get my wisdom teeth out...ICK. I find out on Tuesday when it will be done. On an AMAZING note, I have 18 days of school left and I will officially have a bachelors degree. YaY
Joseph and I the Morning I dropped him off to Deploy.

His bags for the next 12 months :/

I suppose that is all for now <3

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