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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

11 Weeks Today

I have been pondering lately whether I think I am strong enough for this lifestyle. After feeling down and thinking way to much about it I realized I am not one to judge myself on my own strength. Things will always be harder being a military spouse, but it also has rewards that not every civilian marriage encounters. If you have never been separated from your spouse for months with out option, you will truly never know the amazing feeling we get when we see them for the first time. It's that first date, butterfly feeling, no matter how long you've been together. That is what I hold onto during our time apart. I think of how good that feels whenever I am down and I remember why it's all worth it. God put me on this path of life for a reason, and that too makes me believe I am strong enough to cope with it.

11 Weeks down today :) Hope it keeps going by this fast. I have my rough days but most times I think about it it seems to be going by quickly. So for all of you out there going through the same thing...chin up :)  

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