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Monday, July 11, 2011

You know you are in a deployment when...

Week 11 DOWN! <3
Laying here in bed as I often do at night, not able to sleep and my mind just wonders, and wonders and wonders...I think of some of the most random things...but hey it usually helps :)

You know you are a spouse of a deployed military member when:
-you refresh your email account every 2 minutes, even though it does that automaticaly
-check his facebook, even though you know he hardly ever gets on it
-send emails to him all through out the day just so you know you won't forget to tell him something important
-you are counting down the weeks until you see embrace him in your arms again
-you miss having those extra clothes to wash and having the dinner ready for him when he gets home from work

I know there are so much more, just all I am thinking of at the moment.  Not talking to my husband for days gets to me. I think so much more and it makes it harder to keep a positive attitude. But on the other hand it also makes the times we talk that much sweeter and special. Days will come and go and before I know it he will be home with me again, God willing. The best advice I could ever give to someone in my shoes is to keep yourself busy. Write your appointments, schedule, fun activities you have planned, on a calendar, visually seeing how busy your week or month is, makes the time go faster. My weekly chain link has also been a great way to see how much time has went by. I would recommend it to anyone :) Even if you start it in the middle of your current deployment. I got the idea of sending each weeks link to your spouse as you take them down. I started doing that this week. I wrote "sweet nothings" on the torn link and wrote the week number on it and put it in an envelope with a letter I wrote to him. I think it will brighten his day each time he gets another link :) It definitely brightens mine!

Hope this brightens someone's day :) And feel free to add to the list of "you know your a military spouse when..."!!!!!!!

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  1. I definitely agree that I miss washing the extra clothes, but can't say I know the feeling of the making dinner scenario... I'm working on it :) I will add that I have a tendency to put together mental to-do list for everything I want to do as soon as they get back! Woohoo!