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Monday, July 18, 2011


Regardless the fact it is Monday, I am feeling pretty good! Right now it feels like time is just flying. I am not complaining that is for sure. The more I learn about others going through similar things as I, the stronger I feel about making it through each day. My days have been so full of things to do, it's no wonder the time is flying. We have been taking advantage of summer and its EXTREME heat by going to the pool a lot with the little ones. Cool off and work on the tan all in one :) what more could you ask for? I also love fishing and recently I got to go with one of my bestie's :) It was super hot out but worth it! I am def ready to be out of 100+ weather. But can't complain too much getting to be around all the people I love and care about most :D
My biggest catch of the day :D
Joseph and I's 3rd anniversary is coming up August 2nd! I am patiently waiting for him to get his new address for me so I can send his anniversary package. But I am still trying to think of creative little things to send him that will be unique and special :). Still no word on whether RNR is going to change since he as moved to a new place. It is January as of now, so we will see what happens. About 6 more months until I see him again! I can't believe it's already been 3 months!

Hope everyone has a great day! Just remember another day down is another day closer to your hubs!

This was my inspiration to last me the whole week!

"I love you so much. I miss you its almost been 3 years its really gone by fast. I still remember when we got married. I miss you and love you." - Joseph Lee my handsome :)

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