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Friday, January 21, 2011

Not my Day

So due to my own stupidity, i cost my self an extra 4 credit hours of school that won't go towards my bachelors degree. Which means I have to take 3 classes next 8 weeks instead of 2. I should mention I have never tried doing 3 classes in one 8 week session. The only good that has come out of this is it will improve my GPA a little, which can never hurt.

What else, oh yes, I have a team for my class paper that doesn't help but maybe 20% each week. Ugh, so stressful. But I am trying to do my share of the work and theirs so I can pass the class, boo!

Today is day 8 of no talking to Joseph. Thankfully, only have 2-7 days left before we get to talk again. The days have been going by pretty quickly though between school and hanging with the girls. Thank goodness for them. I would be going insane without friends here.

I am so ready for this deployment to get started so it can be over with faster. That may sound bad, but to be honest I hate thinking about it knowing it's so soon. I am excited to be close to my family for 10 months. It will make the time go so much faster!

It's almost my favorite part of the day, bedtime. I love going to bed because when I wake up I know i'm another day closer to seeing my hubby. Well it feels nice to vent :D


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